Undefined by kkc

They were labeled, stamped, put into a box.

The rules and stereotypes defined them.

You must look this way, act that way.

Society dictated how they were to be.

Defined people are not truly free,

they answer to the powers that be.

It is the undefined ones that rise up.

They worry not about what is supposed to be.

Their spirit is free, their minds are released.

Live outside crushed boxes with no labels.

It is in them to thrive with no boundaries.

Undefined people answer to no one.

Undefined people answer their own call.- kkc

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My writings come from my heart about people I know or do not know or never have known. The pen is mightier than any weapon there is against mankind. I write what comes to me and have no boundaries. Listen with your heart, read with your soul…peace.



I want to be a writer -kkc

I want to be a writer. Wait, no I am one. Publishing three books and having 24 published pieces qualifies me. What I want to be is a creater, artist, designer. Desiring to never tire of my craft and to always have material to pen, I seek longevity. I want to stay up into the wee hours of each night spilling my scattered thoughts on lined pulp. Giving free time to typing for millions of hours is my wish. I want to consistently improve and elevate to higher planes so that readers ask for more at every level. Manipulating words, capturing conditions of human experiences, telling the unspeakable, all things I yearn for. I want spill ink until my pen is completely dry.