Undefined by kkc

They were labeled, stamped, put into a box.

The rules and stereotypes defined them.

You must look this way, act that way.

Society dictated how they were to be.

Defined people are not truly free,

they answer to the powers that be.

It is the undefined ones that rise up.

They worry not about what is supposed to be.

Their spirit is free, their minds are released.

Live outside crushed boxes with no labels.

It is in them to thrive with no boundaries.

Undefined people answer to no one.

Undefined people answer their own call.- kkc

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My writings come from my heart about people I know or do not know or never have known. The pen is mightier than any weapon there is against mankind. I write what comes to me and have no boundaries. Listen with your heart, read with your soul…peace.



Book of a Boy and a Girl by kkc

Book of a Boy and a Girl by kkc
I wrote pages and pages about

the stages you put me through.
Chapters in my book

tell it all, speak the truth.
Dreams occur in my night vision,

they are twisted visions of you.
Lies still dance on your tongue.

I saw your eyes darken when you smiled.
Always my mind knew,

but your heart committed purgury.

And my soul believed it.
You hung me on your hook,

took me down when you wanted.

Wore me like a new suit to make

yourself look good for all to see.
Behind the door, 

when you closed it,

I was thrown wrecklessly

back to that same spot.
Could I say I was blind?

Yet, I saw all of it,

through distorted glasses

that I chose to wear.
Girls like boys who flirt,

Boys like the ones in pretty skirts.
Free to choose, I told you.

So your hands grabbed it all.
Stayed in the backdrop of your drama.

Told you I liked it there.
When I wanted to move forward,

it was you that said to come.
Then I stood by nearby,


your choice was to stroll away.
So I fleed when the dust began settling

from the dirt that you kicked up.

My departure occurred unnoticed.
After I landed in castaway place,

the boy you are wanted me back.
This girl sits by her window at night,

squinting to see the dawn come,

knowing that her book is now complete.


Served by kkc
They saved us

They served for us
Marched in formation

Stood united

Fell divided
Fought the perilous fight

Lurked in dawn’s early light

Made the walls come tumbling down
Some gave all they had

All gave some 

then gave more
We give thanks

They gave their hearts
Uniformed decisions impacted future fates

Living meant taking care of the dying

All went home one way or another
They trudge through memories

Often silently

Some fight to forget
Their dedicated day

reflects the past


shines like their boots used to
The images they remember 

Look nothing like what we view
Pain is right under the badges of honor
We give our hearts

They say thanks
We must serve them now

Fallen by kkc

Fallen  by kkc
Fires of oxygen soon come for the foliage

I shall deny them water

Change will smolder in those embers
Nakedness reveals transitions
Nature knows the path

Not once did the plan deviate
My feet make musical tunes
Slowly I glide across slippery soil that lies

softly buried under orange hued carcasses
There is a chill here
A blanket should arrive unannounced soon
Falling down fast are the last survivors

Warm will morph into cold surely
The withered remnants must get buried
I recede into my hole for slumber

Time snuggles next to me
We have to wait for the world to turn
A leaf blows by in a rush to exit,
reminding me that change is life
And life has death
Rebirth occurs later

when the blooms arrive again
For now the dying pieces rot 

on the autumnal burial grounds.

Sound of Silence by kkc

Sound of Silence by kkc
I heard your silence,

loved your shyness,

cherished your wiseness.
Your intelligence quieted me.

Humility in your soul captured me.

The illumination from your brilliance

was a massive spotlight which lit the way.
It was easy to be pulled to you.
You didn’t tug,

instead you retracted.
You didn’t reach out,

I saw you draw within.
Kept me parked high on the hill.
What I wanted was to run down it

til we collided and fell and melted completely.
Surges came. And.
I drowned on the peak of a mountain.
It was you that put me there.
Never did I know why.
We needed our eyes to meet at the same level.
As I was going under, your shouts soared.
You said –
I had to be elevated for you to marvel at.
Level of your lowness couldn’t hold me up.
Somehow you measured yourself too small.
My cries said-
The highest of high was you.
We existed on the same plane.
You were gigantic.

As I slipped lower, I landed at his feet.
His tears fell down on me.
Looking up I saw his shine go out

as a massive wave took me away.
I heard his silence on my departure.

My pen spills out words from people I know, don’t know or haven’t met yet. Unspoken truths get a voice on my pages. The open soul of a person is a gift and when I see it, I paint the vision with the tip of my pen. Always in awe of the human conditions and of the survivors. -kkc

I have had some stars dancing amongst wreckage lately

Star Bright by kkc

I saw the stars dance
above the wreckage.
How could that be?

Shiny, twinkling, irridessant light.
It was magnificiently beautiful.


Carnage was scattered about,
ugly and grotesque
on the hardened cold dirt bed below

My eyes burned from the toxicity


Breathtaking visions illuminated all


I gasped.

Despair and hope collided
then came to settle
in one collective place.

Are you in the glow or the burn?

I cannot focus.

Where do I land?

I saw the stars whirl and twirl
above the wreckage

And it was so

Hush by kkc

Hush by kkc

If I speak my truth, would you hear me?

Never could I say the words.

My voice was choked.

If I tell all of it now, would you listen?

It was not okay to say
so I lived in silence.

If I showed you his ugliness, would you look?

Your eyes saw his greatness only

You smiled at him
You laughed with him
You worked with him

I feared him

There were no consequences then

But now

I would be the one who attacked

I would be the assaulter

I would be the villain


What about me?

I have to stay in my quiet corner

More Than Less Friends by kkc

More Than Less Friends by kkc
     The years and moons came and went and she wanted to know why we aren’t friends any longer. Queries of how could this happen and what is the reason came frequently. ” At one time we were great buddies and true friends,” she stated. Breathing in I replied, ” the reason why I distanced myself is because I was not being true. I was living a farce, putting up a facade and creating someone I was not. My past pain was right under the surface and it was beginning to bubble up. I could not show it. All those years before we met I had kept it buried. No one could know. We were too close and I was ashamed.” 
     Shaking her head she told me that real friends accept eachother’s past and feel their pain with them. My world did not allow for that. Only one time did I bare all to a friend and it was devastating to utter the words. I would not allow myself to do it again. I had always thought people saw pain as a sign of weakness and I did not want to be viewed as weak. When I left, I had a fresh start and I wanted to keep it clean. ” So now you know it was never about you, I left in flight from the truth,” I whispered. ” I could only give you less when you deserved more,” I reflected.
     Understanding is a silent communication between souls. ” It hurts to think of our years together because it reminds me of myself in another time and I have disconnected from who I was trying to be,” I sadly said. ” Now we have the future and we can see eachother there from time to time,” she responded. 
     For this time of our lives we walk in parallel lines that no longer intersect. Perhaps one day the two will cross eachother again. If they do, memories will not come there, instead new things will happen in that space. What is gone stays away. I cannot return to what I created, which was less than my real self. I can only move forward with what I am.

Shattered Images by kkc

Shattered Images by kkc

Hidden amongst dark air


Humble one thought that pain
did not reflect beauty


She never allowed self exposure

Shy by design,
which made it
to elude
to a plethora
of excused reasons
for no shows

Fronted all viewers a grand illusion
which enabled her to lurk
in the background
behind the smoke and mirrors

Memories and scars
are reminders of
forceful actions and berating words

“You are not eye worthy,
you are not much,
you do not connect to me”

Fortresses of closets and blankets
protected a young victim from the attacks

Then she ran

Escape was supposed to bring freedom



Again the blackness held on to her


Light inflicted debilitating injuries

Images were torturous


“Behold the perfection,
it seeps through”

She breathed…

Glanced into her broken looking glass…


Shards reflected everything
Lines were highlighted

Sparkly spaces illuminated dark areas

Vision in the lovely lady’s eyes
was no longer blurred

Parts came together perfectly

Shiny pieces created
a stunning whole picture
for all who look
at her

Waiting by kkc

Waiting by kkc
She waited because time told her to.
Things came to a screeching hault.

Plans were altered from what was designed.

Trying to find her best self, she tripped and fell.
Blurry vision showed her obscure things.

Her path was twisted and gnarled here.

Several times she questioned this journey.
She waited because others said she had to.
Grand ideas from her past haunted her.

The way is not this way.
No one could show her.
Had to be sought out.
She waited because she needed permission.
While in this dark place, she saw.

Realization was there in front of her.

Change had to be at her command.
Tear drops ceased, 

power was unleashed.
She waited to tell them.
No one can dictate her future.

She has her present in control.
She waved as she left.

She smiled as she walked away.

She left as a victor.
She waits for no one now.