Cracks on the Sidewalk by kkc

I dreamed this…

Cracks on the Sidewalk by kkc
    I spotted her walking slowly on the sidewalk.

Long silver oily hair, black button down 3/4 sleeve shirt. Big holes were there in the knees of her worn out black jeans. Grey hooded sweatshirt wrapped around her small waist, just in case. Her gaze was fixed on the concrete as she cautiously strolled along.
     As we approached eachother, I smiled and cleared my throat. ” Hello there, how are you,” I asked. Startled, she lifted her eyes up as if they were weighted down and quickly glanced at me. I saw her steel blue eyes and they were magnificently beautiful. Pain came right through those eyes that searched mine. ” Beg your pardon,” she whispered. ” I asked you how you are doing,” I replied. She told me that it had been 20 years since anyone asked her that.
     ” Everyone has a story, care to share yours,” I carefully asked her. We took a seat on the sidewalk bench. So she began, ” I went to the best schools, wore the best clothes, was given what I desired. My parents gave me money and things but not much of their time. Their luxuries afforded me an ivy league college of which I made Dean’s List every time. I loved art and literature and adored music as well. In my early adulthood, I gave away my inheiritance to charity then I went to the Woodstock Concert and partied for days which turned into months. We travelled in campers, vans, tents and roamed free. No one had a care in the world.” She paused to take a drink from her thermos. 

” I met the man of my dreams, fell in love, built a home together and raised three kids. We had love before we had money.”
     I searched her sad eyes and knew she had more to say. ” Where is your family now, ” I asked.  She replied, ” when I said no one asked me for 20 years how I was, that is true. On the day I had to bury my husband and three kids, everyone asked me how I was doing. Right after that, the questions stopped, people returned back to their lives and I became lost. I began strolling on sidewalks as if I was searching for answers that would never come. The cracks revealed truth.”
     After tucking her hair behind her ear she continued, ” I was out doing grocery shopping on that fateful night in June. The kids stayed home with my husband so I could quickly get what we needed. What I didn’t know was that someone was watching us and had been for months. Neighbors told me they heard nothing except for four pops and they knew what those were.” I stopped her and asked her if it was too much to tell me this. She just kept going. 
     ” As it turns out someone from my past found me and thought I still had all the riches of my family. He figured he could break in and find stuff to take and search for money. Since my husband’s car was not there, it was in the shop, and he saw me leave in my car, he figured the house was empty.  He became startled when he broke in and panicked and he shot each one of my family members then fled on foot. While running, he went in the street and got hit by a car. This man survived and later confessed while in the hospital.” By this time tears were streaming down her cheeks all the way to the pavement.
     ” After this, I just started wandering around. My home went into foreclosure, I left my job, sold my car and gave up. When the weather is nice, I live under a bridge. In cold months, I stay at a shelter.  My eyes stay cast to the pavement because I cannot bear to look up at beautiful skies. The promise of a new day for me means pain and heartbreak all over again. Beauty burns my vision, reality blurs it and tragedy has taken it almost completely.”
     Standing up now, we hug. No words can come out of my mouth. Comfort is something I cannot give because she won’t allow herself to receive it. The last thing she said before she walked away was , ” we had love before we had money yet my loves were taken from me because of money. My soul is bankrupt, my spirit is broke. True richness in life doesn’t cost a cent.” With that, she looked down and walked away leaving her tears splattered on the cracks in the sidewalk.

Keeping Watch by kkc

Keeping Watch by kkc

I was looking for me,

where could she be?
The little girl I was




But then she did the woman walk.
Life got in the way

Obstacles jumped out in front

Struggles piled on

Nightmares replaced lighted visions
Challenges came like thieves in the night
Lady slayed large demons with daggers
She persisted
Fire came from her strikes

Her vision cleared up

And then she saw

The one she was looking for
So this femme fatale saved the girl
She is who she was searching for
She is who she was waiting for
The little girl was just lost under the rubble…

Listen For the Sound by kkc

Listen For the Sound by kkc

Deep down under all the heavy rubble

there exists an almost mute voice.
Heavy burdens, stacked with tragedies

have nearly smothered it all.
Concrete blocks comprised of enormous

circumstances lie on your chest.
Empty air surrounds you

as you remain waiting for rescue.
No one comes.
More boulders pile on.
You shake under the weight.
A mere whisper of a distant cry remains.
All you have left is a gutteral noise.
One utter seeps out,

making an echo.
Inside your core, you rage.
Another low pitched scream forces it’s way.
Echoes begin to make a song.
Louder squeals come,

shifting the wreckage that buries you.
Transfers of notes break the sound barrier.
Things begin to fall away as you lift up.
It is you that you were waiting for.
Hollering loudly to announce your arrival,

you stand up and stomp the trash flat.
That little peep within saved you.
It was you that had to find the words.

When is When by kkc

When is When by kkc
When the blood turns into ink,

the band aids become useless.
When the silence turns into screaming,

there is no more need to sit in quietness.
When truth gushes out across pulpy surfaces,

no damns can hold it back anymore.
When blind eyes have new vision,

spectacles become irrelevant.
When the cage door is open,

flight becomes emminent.
When the last tear drops evaporate,

reality is displayed for all to see.
When you know it is time,

clocks will cease to have a purpose.

Time Traveler by kkc

Time Traveler by kkc

Retired sunsets shall be put away
Dusty ashes will be scattered
Moonbeams that were bent

will recede back into the last nights
Your eyes can scan the chasms

which lay directly in front of you
Time arrives and moves your being 


into new hourglasses
Old never just ends

It perishes for always
New doesn’t last

It gives way for more novelty daily
Step forward

Let a clock tick

Assume your place
Be ready for new space
Lift up a big glass
Tip it to the hands that pull you in
No need to seek the hour,

it waits for you to arrive

Merry Memories by kkc

Merry Memories by kkc
I waited for your wake up call today

but only silence rang through the line
Went and looked under the tree

to see if you were there waiting for me

Instead I saw the ornament done

in loving memory of thee
Sat down at the table

looked at the vacant chair

I was wondering when you would

be sitting next to me there
Walked through the house

to see if you were stirring
Then I saw your photos on the shelf

I still forget and have to remind myself
Longing to hear your voice

wanting to hear a story
I bring out old photos

and try to remember your words
The gifts you gave me

were never found under a tree
Your life lights shined wisdom

and you were my star
The presence that you brought

stays with me every single day
On this silent night

I stay calm
Even though you dashed away

your bell rings loudly guiding my way
Merry Christmas wherever you are

Though most days you are not that far

Destination Humanity by kkc

Destination Humanity by kkc
It is the human conditions

that interlock us
A smile that eases discontent
Hugs that never are enough
That single tear trickling to the floor
No words to exchange 

yet one look

speaks thousands of syllables
Blistering screams
Incessant giggling
These cogs and wheels keep us connected

Humanity cars coupled together

For the long haul
We think we can

We know we can
Bound to go somewhere
First we must board through the same door